Mahou no Kotoba

Ishikawa Oosaka Yuukou Jouyaku [English]

English translation by: MichiSakuranbo

The popular way, the way by the beach, everywhere you go there’s rice fields, yeah!
The night way, the Milky Way, I want to go running, Ishikawa is the best!
A smiling way, rich food, anyway, cheap is our motto, yeah!
We’ve got everything, we’ve got kindness, I want to jump right in, Osaka is the best!

Ishikawa, Osaka, woo yeah…

Whatcha up to? Come here quick, our fish with sweet bean paste is yummy, yeah!
Are you enjoying this beautiful city? Come check it out at least once!
What for? We’ve got the best takoyaki and okonomiyaki, yeah!
Aren’t the mums scary? Thanks for all the times we’ve come and asked for stuff

Ishikawa, Osaka, woo yeah…

Ishikawa yeah! Osaka yeah! We’ve got so much greenery
Ishikawa yeah! Osaka yeah! And you can see the stars!
Ishikawa yeah! Osaka yeah! The old ladies are the scariest thing ever – Granny Power!
Ishikawa yeah! Osaka yeah! Treasure this friendship!

Ishikawa, Osaka, woo yeah…

Ishikawa yeah! Osaka yeah! An unprecedented round of handshakes, yeah!
Ishikawa yeah! Osaka yeah! They’re both, both, both the best!
Ishikawa yeah! Osaka yeah! Let the two places become one in their friendship!
Ishikawa yeah! Osaka yeah! The Ishikawa-Osaka Friendship Treaty!

Ishikawa, Osaka, woo yeah…

This lyric was added by: MichiSakuranbo


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