Mahou no Kotoba

Sunrise~Love Is All~ [English]

Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Album/Single: Sunrise/Sunset~Love Is All~

Lyrics: Ayumi Hamasaki
Music: Hana Nishimura

Come closer to me
Try to trust me more

You are laughing innocently
I adore your smile

But I know that tears were shining
On your cheeks until a while ago

I don’t say easily, “Show me your true colors”
Or something like that
But I’m confident about accepting you
Whatever color I may see in you

* I want to send bigger love to you
In a louder voice
I want to get to your heart

** If I shout bigger love
In a louder voice
I wonder if it will reach you just a little

*** It’s even better to take a roundabout way
I know we’ll be able to understand each other

(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)
(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)

I can almost imagine for some reason
What you want to say

I just have a mind to face you
But actually I’m running away, don’t you think so?

If I said I was not afraid
I’d be lying, to be honest
But I’m all prepared
All taken together

Hey, come closer to me
Try to trust me more
Do you hear the heartbeat
In my trembling chest?

Come closer to me
I want you to listen carefully in your heart
And try to trust me more

The time of confirming each other’s mind is over now
I know we are thinking of each other

We are not at all perfect
Because we are human
But I think it’s OK
Because I love such a point

(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)
(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)

* (repeat)
** (repeat)
*** (repeat)

Credits: masa @ AHS Forum


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