Mahou no Kotoba

ESORA [English]


Artist: Mr.Children

Lyric: Kazutoshi Sakurai
Music: Kazutoshi Sakurai

[Romaji] [Kanji]

an empty creature walking around on two legs
subconsciously marks a rhythm
with left and right channels at full volume
the once deflated dream will fill up again.

that’s the line you were talking about, right?
it’s as if this song were made just for us
what kind of face were you making as you listened to it?
a sound so sweet and stinging which makes the heart yearn

the melody line launches a colorful, magical phrase
in spreading sparkles, it shows us a dream
so we may fly to a new day
so we may begin to crawl away from the past
Oh rock me baby tonight
c’mon, pump up the volume.

according to the weather report
the chance of rain is increasing
but rather than look for somewhere we won’t get wet
let’s go out, and put our faith in the starry sky

If it does rain,
the dry city will blur, and emit a gorgeous light
if only our hearts are not dry as well,
any sight can be made a jewel

we know that one day the music will stop
but still we keep dancing today
so we don’t forget
so we can erase it from our memories
Oh rock me baby tonight
we’ll again start a new (dance) step.

the melody line paints a colorful, magical phrase
in spreading sparkles, it shows us a dream
every time we find one another,
every time we bid farewell
Oh rock me baby tonight
C’mon and dance! Pump up the volume.

Credits To: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma


1 Response to "ESORA [English]"

gracias por la traduccion ñ_ñ

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