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Let’s sing along!

You can know sing your favorite songs as if you were doing a karaoke. By using minilyrics it’s now possible. Once you install your minilyrics, just play your favorite songs from your music player (Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, RealOne, Matchbox, Foobar), minilyrics will automatically displays the lyrics of the currently playing songs.

Or maybe you want to sing along while watching PVs? Minilyrics can do that for you to. Just play your favorite PVs and minilyrics displays the lyrics for you. Now you have your own subbed PV^^

If you’re connected to the internet, minilyrics will find the most suitable lyrics for you. If you’re not always connected to the internet, dont worry…you can find some lyrics here^^. Just put on your lyric to the program and do some synchronization yourself then tada…the next time you play the song…minilyrics will view the lyrics for you.

Just try it! I promise it’s fun^^. Here’s some screenshots:

Normal Mode

Floating Lyrics Mode

Lyrics Editor

Online Lyrics Search


Artists List

Oricon Weekly Top 10 Albums

01.Aqua Timez - THE BEST of Aqua Timez (83,464)
02.ayaka - ayaka's History 2006-2009 (61,329)
03.Yuzu - FURUSATO (36,624)
04.Backstreet Boys - This is Us (27,786)
05.m-flo - M-F10 -10th Anniversary Best- (19,386)
06.Madonna - Celebration (18,225)
07.the pillows - OOPARTS (15,476)
08.kome kome CLUB - SUNRICE (14,908)
09.SEAMO - Best of SEAMO (14,782)
10.YU-A - You Are My Love (12,667)

Oricon Weekly Top 10 Singles

01.B'z MY LONELY TOWN (180,723)
02.Sukima Switch - Golden Time Lover (20,521)
03.Shinsengumilien - Otoko Dou (17,972)
04.YUI - It's all too much/Never say die (17,395)
05.Gospellers - Love Notes (14,382)
06.Shouko Nakagawa - 「Arigato no Egao」 (12,407)
07.Hilcrhyme - Shuunkashuutou (12,068)
08.Kiyoshi Hikawa - Tokimeki no Rumba (9,948)
09.The Birthday - Ai de Nuritsubuse (9,476)
10.Mari Iijima,FIRE BOMBER, May'n, Ai Nakajima - Iki wo Shiteru, Kanjiteiru (9,128)

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